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M & E Design
and Consultancy.

IDawn Technologies specializes in electrical and mechanical design consultancy. Its expertise is in areas ranging from single-story to large campus areas. With over 15 years of experience in electrical projects and testing, IDawn has no failure rate.

IDawn is primarily a Data Center consultancy and provides designs and tests of electrical systems that range from a few KW (single rack) to hyper-scale projects, both in single-story and multistorey buildings. Since there are huge power requirements, sometimes with 2N+1 redundancy, the HVAC/MVAC should be designed to maintain the environment both in the data hall as well as the operational space with the same redundancy.

IDawn designs these systems to maximize the Coefficient Of Performance (COP)/ Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) and minimize the Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) ratio so that our clients can benefit from minimized carbon emission and operating costs.

We strive to service our clients to uphold our reputation because we take delight in being 100% successful. When we create systems, we go above and above for our client’s needs, offering the greatest option at the most affordable cost.

Our comprehensive consulting services cover a range of tasks, including choosing suppliers, and products, quality assurance, quantity surveys, risk analysis, monitoring, user acceptance testing, and drafting engineering reports.

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We’re a team of young professionals providing design and consultancy services keen to offer our cutting-edge knowledge and expertise to the Sri Lankan and overseas markets to create sustainable business solutions for our clients to achieve greater heights.

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