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System Design.

Electrical systems are a group of electrical components that forms a network designed to carry, distribute and convert electrical power safely from the point of generation to various loads of the premises that consume the electrical energy. It depends on which purpose the electrical system is designed for ie, domestic or commercial which use different phases as single phase and 3 phase based on the requirement.

Challenges related to design and development can be solved by the electrical system design to ensure that they are economic, safe and reliable. It is critical to use a well-defined design process that adheres to all applicable codes.

Design must be constructed upon considering the potentially hazardous effects of electrical energy such as grounding, sag, swells, harmonics, fluctuations etc. and its impact on personnel and the equipment.

It is important to consider the electrical system before engineering a product.

Every project has a different electrical system design based on the electrical loads, size of the projects, and closest proximity to the substation. And the physical factors such as the location of the project, the climate will also be considered.

The electrical team will use design for production, distribution and transportation of electricity to the final product. If the entire network is designed and constructed attentively, it will lead to a good electrical system. And on the other hand, poorly designed electrical systems could lead to major problems to the premises and the people as well.

It is crucial to know different aspects of designing that need to be monitored continuously such as 3D modelling platforms, construction documents and integrating system testing for control systems.

A system design for emergency service situations with an on-site generator system is critical for smooth operation and reliability. The experts will decide on the generator sizing, loading sequence, fuel storage, paralleling, switching scenarios and many other criteria based on the applications and site operation conditions.

Along with these comes the need to deal with voltage instabilities in the supply of electricity as well as some malfunctions of machines due to voltage fluctuations. To solve the issues related to voltages, transformers are designed to modify any altering current via electromagnetic induction.

We provide viable, commercially effective electrical systems that meet all the requirements of the client while accommodating future growth and flexibility for new technological requirements.

Our experts can assist with,

  • Earthing and leak detection system.
  • Lighting, lighting control and emergency lighting.
  • Emergency generator design
  • Power plan
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