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Cantaloupe Aqua RGB LED Installation

IDawn Technologies has been part of Cantaloupe Aqua journey since the beginning as we commissioned to carry out a Total Solution for this beautiful boutique hotel, which included Electrical, CCTV Surveillance, Network & Wireless, Telephone, A/V, Custom Aesthetic & Ambient Lighting to name a few. One of Cantaloupe Aqua’s notable features would be the ambient lighting found in the Deluxe Rooms and Suites which offers Guests to take in the Mood lighting which is facilitated by RGB Colour Changing LED strips which IDawn Technologies installed. Due to the growing requirements and for more aesthetic appeal, Cantaloupe Aqua has us install more RGB LEDs, which included the installation of 20 metres of the Outdoor variety of RGB LED strips, power supply for the necessary locations as well as the supply of RGB controllers with IR remote for all 6 locations of the hotel.


Safety First When You’re Hanging By a Moment

Safety First When You’re Hanging By a Moment

A body harness is protective equipment designed to protect a person, from injury when working in scenarios where they are suspended above ground. Usually utilised as a ‘Fall Arrest’ system, a body harness is fabricated out of rope and cables (usually made out of polyester) and system that locks the rope or cables in a way that safely secures the person utilising it. A body harness also adheres to the Occupational Safety and Health guidelines which relate to employees working on jobs that relate height, such as what IDawn Technologies undertakes, with concern to laying cables alongside building shafts or on the outer walls of the buildings itself.  At IDawn Technologies, we put our employee’s safety first, whilst ensuring that the job gets done.