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The Catches: CCTV in Sri Lanka

As one of the few companies in Sri Lanka that provide proper high end CCTV Solutions we face a major problem when it comes to marketing and sales now because of the really cheap CCTV Solutions available in the market today. You know what I’m talking about – those little Rs. 2,500/- adverts in the Hit-AD with prepaid phone numbers advertising CCTV Systems with Four Cameras for only Rs. 55,000/-.

IDawn Technologies at Sri Lanka Cyber Games ’11 & Infotel ’11

IDawn Technologies at Sri Lanka Cyber Games ’11 & Infotel ’11

This December, IDawn Technologies will be present at Infotel ’11 with Sri Lanka Cyber Games ’11 as Total Solutions partners.

Sri Lanka Cyber Games 2011 will feature a number of services provided by total solutions providers IDawn Technologies, in order to give cyber-athletes and spectators the best possible experience at this years championship. Lag-free networking, high quality projection of on-going games, live monitoring of teams via CCTV and full video recording facilities. Come experience the evolution of e-Sports with IDawn Technologies at SLCG ’11 Grand Finals on the 2nd to 4th December at the BMICH.