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Wireless Networks and Point to Point Links

Wireless Solutions is something that is growing in the business world, with the need to be constantly on-the-go.

In the Information Era Companies are growing faster than their infrastructure can handle, and many top IT Administrators are faced with the problem of providing secure workstations and network connections to their ever growing number of employees.

Wireless Networks provide a cheap and easy solution to this problem, but it’s a double edged sword in that it can seriously compromise the security of a corporate network. Do not fear though because IDawn Technologies can install a secure Wireless Network at your location no matter what the nature.

For Home/Home Office/Small Office applications we provide our customers with Linksys Wireless Routers running a more secure Firmware than what you can buy off the shelf, and use these “hardened” Routers to secure your Wireless Network. For more large scale networks, and networks requiring the utmost security, we used a double tiered security approach where not only your Wireless Network is secure, but users have to authenticate again to gain access to your regular Local Area Network.

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