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Total Solutions

IDawn Technologies is a full service company that can undertake any of your IT projects from top to bottom. Because of our repertoire of experience and knowledge we are able to be your sole point of contact for anything Electrical, Electronic, or IT related, and can coordinate with your other service providers for you.

The services that IDawn Technologies can offer you directly as Total Solutions can be comprised of the following;

Network Solutions |  WAN Network Design, and Implementation  |   Router and Switch Configuration  |  Server Virtualization  |  Server Installation/Configuration  |  Computer Hardware Diagnostics  |  Computer Software Installation/Diagnostics  |  End User Remote Assistance  |  PC Configuration | Wireless Solutions   |  Wireless Network Design | Security Solutions   |   CCTV Cabling  |   Access Control  | Electrical Solutions |  Electrical Cabling  |  Telephone Cabling  |  Copper Data Cabling and Termination  |   Fiber Optic Cabling and Termination | Lighting Solutions | LED Solutions | Miscellaneous Solutions CATV Cabling   |  Stall Design  |  Home Theatre  |   Outdoor Lighting  |  Pipe Music |  Consultation Services  | Soft Solutions   |  Web Design & Development  |  Search Engine Optimisation  |  Print Media Design  |  Brand Identity


This essentially means that we can come to your site, and do everything from the Electrical Cabling (with centralized cabling to support central UPS power distribution to your Computers), the Internal Data Cabling, link multiple floors or buildings on site with Fiber Optic Cabling, cable and install Security Cameras to guarantee your physical security, and also provide your employees/users with end user support when they have virus issues at their desktop.

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