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Structured Network Cabling and Infrastructure

IDawn Technologies can guarantee to you that your network solution will be done right! Cabling is the backbone of any network, yet it is the most likely to be done wrong. IDawn Data Networks complies with EIA/TIA 568A/B standards and come with a 5 year warranty, ensuring that your data is travelling along the best possible cable pathways with minimal interference.

Once the cabling and termination is complete, we can also supply and configure your Routing and Switching Equipment, as well as supply you with new or refurbished Servers directly from the USA, and configure them. We also have expertise and tools needed to offer you with server virtualization solutions which can help you maximize the use of your physical server and also provide redundancy and backup to your network.

Another set of services in our repertoire are Wireless Hotspot installation/configuration and Point to Point Wireless configurations. If you need multiple buildings linked, and cabling is not an option, or too costly, we can provide you with a Wireless Point to Point or Point to Multipoint link. We can also provide you with regulated open wireless hotspots for people to use at your locations.

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