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Brand Identity

Brand Identity is the amalgamation of a number of elements that brings together your brand and each element represents it.  It can be a term, design, symbol or a feature which lets a customer identify it from others in the market.

This would be either a trademark which is the legal term for a brand, it can be found in many forms in terms of a name, sign, symbol, colour combination or slogan. There are many types of brand name styles out there, and many ways in which a brand can be marketed in terms of logos and visual branding. Basically, a Brand is ‘perceived emotional corporate images’, Identity is ‘the visual aspects that form part of the overall brand and Logo ‘identifies a business in its simplest form via the use of a mark or icon’. With this in mind, IDawn Technologies offers the following services;

Logo Design | Overall Identity | Brand | Print Media Design |  Corporate Stationery Design | Letterhead Design| Business Card  Design| Envelope Design | Flyer Design| Brochure Design| Book Design| Website Design | Products & Packaging | Product Design | Packaging Design | Corporate Apparel Design | Signage Design | Interior & Exterior Signage Design

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