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G.L. Piyadasa Builders and Contractors CCTV Installation

G.L. Piyadasa Builders and Contractors commissioned IDawn Technologies to install a CCTV System to cover their offices in Rajagiriya of Sri Lanka. A CCTV surveillance system was recommended to cover all the locations of interest with a 16 Channel professional grade online Video Recorder (DVR) which will be installed in a secure lockable cabinet. Another requirement was for the management to be able to view the CCTV footage and feeds via th internet through means of remote viewing. The cameras which were installed were all centrally powered from the main power source located close to the DVR, whereby a UPS or Inverter could provide backup power for both the DVR and the cameras.  The DVR was fitted with 2 units of 1TB hard disks whereby the cameras that were installed where standard quality cameras with colour, weatherproof and night vision features. 

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