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Perera Residence – Kohuwala

Mr. Perera who frequently travels out of town, and sometimes even out of the country to manage his business interests around the world wanted to know at any time what was going on in his home, and to know that everything there is still in order.

To this end we installed a 4 Channel CCTV System at his residence, and coordinated with our partner Suntel Telecom (pvt) LTD to get Mr. Perera an internet connection with a Static IP to ensure that he will be able to access his CCTV System from anywhere in the world where an internet connection is available. As an additional security measure, some of the outdoor cameras at this location were placed in industrial grade cases to make their outward physical appearance more prominent as a deterrence meassure, and also to better protect the actual cameras. Better night time visibility was also required so multiple external IR Illuminators were fitted.

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