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Gintota Plywood Manufacturing Company

Ginthota Plywood Manufacturers Private Limited required the expertise of IDawn Technologies, to roll out a Total Solution for their Head Office and Factory, which are located in Colombo and Ginthota (in the Southern Province) respectively.

After a recent restructuring of the company management, the company Chairman wanted to bring their IT Infrastructure into the 21st century, as well as have the ability to monitor and coordinate operations at the factory in Ginthota, from the head office.

Network Solution

With regard to the Network Solution, which included the wiring and commissioning of a 20-point network, IDawn Technologies directly supplied a DELL Server which was imported from the USA. IDawn Technologies also provided remote access workstations for telecommuters, the supply and configuration of 7 new PCs as well as the reformatting and configuration of 5 existing PCs.

The new DELL Server was virtualized using VMware ESX 4i to leverage maximum use out of the single physical server. Details of the Virtual Servers and the services they each provide are listed below:

  • Virtual Server 1 – Windows Server 2003 R2
    • Domain Controller
    • DNS Server
  • Virtual Server 2 – Windows Server 2003 R2
    • File Server with Distributed File System
  • Virtual Server 3 – Windows Server 2003 R2
    • Windows Server Update Services
    • Kaspersky Administration Kit
    • Spiceworks
  • Virtual Server 4 – Smoothwall (Linux)
    • Router/Firewall/Proxy
  • Virtual Desktop – Windows 7

In addition to the new server which was virtualized, their existing Compaq Server was reformatted, and Windows Server 2003 R2 was installed on that as well to act as a backup Domain Controller, backup DNS Server, and a backup File Server. A new laptop was purchased for the the Chairman, and configured to be able to access any and all files on the domain, as well as monitor the Factory CCTV Cameras Remotely.

The Head Office, Factory, Stores Complex (in Peliyagoda), and the Chairman’s Bungalow (in Pepiliyana) were all interlinked with a VPN using MPLS Technology provided by Suntel Telecom.

CCTV System

As mentioned earlier, the company Chairman wanted to have the ability to monitor and coordinate operations at the factory from the Colombo Head Office. To this end, IDawn Technologies was instructed to provide a 16 Camera CCTV Solution for the factory. Previously, another firm had done partial cabling at the factory and then abandoned work. To save the client money that they had already spent, IDawn Technologies tried it’s best to use the existing cable and were successful. Some of the old cabling was unusable and abandoned, but using the existing cables, nine cameras were brought online in 5 days.

Another seven cameras are still to be installed, and pending final budget approval from the client.

Thanks to the guaranteed bandwidth provided by the Suntel Telecom VPN Link, the chairman can now monitor all sixteen cameras at the factory in real time, with NO VIDEO LAG!

The Future…

A network solution for the Factory, and Warehouse Complex in Peliyagoda, as well as a four Camera CCTV System for the Warehouse also to be monitored centrally from the Head Office in Colombo, are still pending.

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