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Chinese Dragon Cafe | Job 1 – Electrical Refurb.

After seeing the work that IDawn Technologies did at Cantaloupe Aqua, one of the senior directors of Chinese Dragon Cafe asked us to come in and do new installations and some maintenance work for them. For IDawn Technologies, the chance to work with Chinese Dragon was a great honor because they have the reputation of being the oldest and most well known Chinese Restaurant in the country with pioneering dishes such as “Hot Butter Cuttlefish” which has become synonymous with Chinese Food here in Sri Lanka.

The first job that we undertook for Chinese Dragon was the partial refurbishment of their Electrical System at their Head Office down Milagiriya Avenue in Colombo 3. Their biggest concern was circuit breakers cutting off, and RCCBs (Residual Current Circuit Breakers, better known in Sri lanka as Trip Switches) turning off, especially during rain. We found the two problematic distribution boards and immediately saw several problems with them and recommended that they be replaced entirely, including the enclosures, and the Switch Gear located within them.

We had to make a special provision and do this work entirely at night after 11PM because the kitchen operates from 8AM till 11PM at night, and cannot afford the electrical downtime.

Since the day that this repair was done they have not had any issues, and this decisive solution to one of their major problems has led to a very productive working relationship between Chinese Dragon and IDawn Technologies.

Today IDawn Technologies oversees all Electrical Installations and Maintenance at the 3 Chinese Dragon Branches.

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