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Chinese Dragon Cafe | Timed AC Control

The Chinese Dragon Cafe which has three branches in Colombo 3, Rajagiriya, and Mount Lavinia, needed a times AC control system in their Rajagiriya and Mount Lavinia branches to cut down on AC usage at times when the restaurant is closed. They initially approached IDawn Technologies with a request for a master switch that the security could turn on and off based on the opening and closing times of the restaurant, but we suggested a Timed solution, and the directors felt that that is infact the better solution.

The Rajagiriya branch has four ACs and the Mount Lavinia branch has three ACs. To control these units simultaneously, and safely, an electrical Contactor Relay was used. A separate control panel was made with MCBs for safety, a Digital Timer which can have up to 8 different on/off combinations, a Contactor Relay, and three Indicator Bulbs to show the status of the panel. Both of these panels were fitted right next to the existing electrical distribution boards and the AC lines were rewired into our control panel.

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