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Chinese Dragon Cafe | Job 2 – Fluorescent Lighting

After having done some Electrical Refurbishment at their Head Office in Colombo 3, Chinese Dragon Contacted IDawn Technologies to Refurbish the Fluorescent Fittings in the Kitchen of their Rajagiriya Branch. At first we were called on site because there was an issue with earth leakage, and upon investigation we found that this leakage was caused by oil and soot from the cooking, and burners building up on the fluorescent fittings, inside them, and on the connectors that connect the sittings to the main wiring.

IDawn Technologies removed these light  fittings and stripped them down to their individual components. Then each peace was wiped down one by one with kerosene oil, and then washed with water to get rid of any remaining oil and soot. Then all the electrical contacts were sprayed with copious amounts of contact cleaner, and left to drip dry.

The fittings internals were also completely replaced using new wiring as well because the Director Board decided to switch from the old Magnetic Ballasts (“Chokes” as they are commonly known in Sri Lanka) which were in the fittings to Electronic Ballasts which consume less power, are more efficient, and produce a better flicker free light.

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