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Cataloupe Aqua – CCTV & WIFI Upgrades

IDawn Technologies, Cantaloupe & Co’s exclusive Technology Partner was called upon once again to do some maintenance and upgrades to the CCTV System at their premier villa Cantaloupe Aqua, located in the coastal town of Habaraduwa. While all the cameras that were installed when the hotel opened were working perfectly, the management needed 3 new cameras put into place, and one camera relocated.

The original Digital Video Recorder (DVR) that we installed was capable of handling up to 8 cameras, even though only 5 were installed in the first stage of the project (Cantaloupe Aqua – The Beginning). To these 5 another 3 cameras to cover the front parking lot/guard room/entrance, the supply corridor/dish washing area, and the “Aqua Aqua” Rooms/Laundry Room was installed. These three new cameras were all installed using CAT 5e Cabling and Video Baluns which made the installation process much faster and cheaper.

In addition to the installation of the 3 new cameras, and the relocation of one camera, a DynDNS updater was installed to one of the computers in the office so that the directors could access the DVR from Colombo and monitor operations at the hotel remotely. An upgrade to a Static IP address for their internet connection is expected shortly, which is the most reliable way to ensure availability of the DVR for remote monitoring.

Apart from the CCTV upgrade, we also upgraded the Wireless Network at Aqua by installing an N-Series Edimax Wireless Access Point. This was done to provide better/stronger wireless coverage in the “Aqua Aqua” rooms, and the Deluxe Rooms.

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