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Beach Front Holiday Home Wireless Network

IDawn Technologies was first contracted by the owners of the property to provide some Customized Lighting Solutions (Read More Here…)┬ábut also ended up taking over the job of providing Wireless Network Coverage for Internet Connectivity at the site.

A simple ADSL Router, and a small 5 port Network Switch was installed in the main Electrical Room where the Internet “Point of Presence” was. From here a CAT 5e Network Cable was run to an “Edimax” Access Point (AP) close by, and from their a Wireless Distribution System was created between three separate APs.

A major problem faced during this installation was the amount and thickness of the concrete in the walls and floor slabs, which meant that a higher number of 802.11N Multiple Input, Multiple Output (MIMO) APs had to be used. During final testing the network coverage was found to extend to within a few feet of the beachfront, without needing any extra APs outside of the main house.

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