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Beach Front Holiday Home Lighting Solution

This magnificent Beach Side Holiday Home was in need of specialized lighting fittings for their garden. After seeing some of our products at an exhibition, and a few visits to their site we provided them with several fittings that are being used through out their garden and out door areas.

For lighting their boundary walls, custom made Aluminium Wall Lights were given, which can carry 8 watt CFL bulbs to get a nice even level of lighting all along their wall, while keeping power consumption at a minimum. Boundary walls that would not be seen by visitors and guests like those in the staff areas were fitted with Imported Bulkhead Fittings also supplied by us through our partner, Timee Electric Company.

For lighting up trees and other garden areas Cast Aluminium Underwater Lights were supplied. These fittings originally came with Zinc coated Iron screws which are prone to rust, especially in coastal areas, and to prevent this from happening, all screws in the fittings were replaced by us with Stainless Steel screws.

Another major issue the owners had was lighting up their columns which had large plinths at the bottom, obstructing any light fitting that was placed directly below it. To remedy this situation, we supplied rubberized fittings (rust proof) which were fitted to the end of an Aluminum arm , thereby extending the fitting outwards from teh base of the column, and allowing the light to be thrown against the column itself.

The final fitting that was supplied to the owners by us was a custom made Fiber Glass step light, which has small “Warm White” LEDs in them. These fittings were made in house by us to be recessed into large 20′ long steps that act as the main means of access from the house into the garden area.

In addition to all the Lighting Fittings that were supplied by us, IDawn Technologies also took over the installation of the Wireless Network (Read More Here…) at their residence, and also acted as the agents in charge to oversee multiple other technical facets of the site.

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