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W. A. De Silva (Kandy Showroom) CCTV Surveillance

W. A. De Silva (Kandy Showroom) CCTV Surveillance

W.A. De Silva, being one of IDawn Technologies premier clients, required us to provide a CCTV Surveillance installation of their Kandy City Centre branch upon completion of the CCTV Installations done at their Majestic City showroom.

For the installation of the CCTV Surveillance System at the W.A. De Silva Kandy City Centre branch, we supplied a 4 channel professional grade Digital Video Recorder (DVR) which was stored within a secure lockable provided by IDawn Technologies. Wiring of power and video was carried out to accommodate the 2 units of standard quality cameras which comes with colour, weatherproof and night vision features and 1 unit of high quality camera also with colour, weatherproof and night vision made available. The high quality camera was installed to ensure that cash transactions being carried out were monitored.

All the cameras as well as the recorder was powered centrally while a backup power feature was installed in order for the system to continue working during a power outage. With the provision of a working internet connection and a static IP, we were also able to provide W.A. De Silva with remote monitoring features that allowed the management to view the CCTV surveillance feeds via a computer, laptop or smart phone with a working data connection.