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Sothys Estheti Centre/Silvacos Pipe Music System

Sothys Estheti Centre/Silvacos Pipe Music System

Silvacos also known as the Estheti Centre situated down Kynsey Road commissioned IDawn Technologies to install a Pipe Music System.

It has been said that the state of office atmospherics have been recognized in determining the motivational levels or employees for overall performance in an office, business or organization. Sight, sound, scent & touch make up the main components of atmospherics, and corporate businesses have found that sound is an effective tool when applied to various applications. For example, good background music keeps employees more upbeat about their work, a good conferencing system makes for quality and effective interaction over distance, a good sound system in the cafeteria help the execution of recreational and team building activities effectively.

Likewise, the Estheti Centre required such atmospherics for the treatment rooms and therefore we installed a pipe music system with the existing Head Unit (Amplifier + Music Player) and added cabling for 2 new wall mount speakers in the upstairs treatment rooms. The equipment included 2 Pannoy PAW24 Wall Mounted speakers which were cabled with Bi-metal audio cable, carried inside casings or conduits (as per the application location), with independent volume controls.