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IDawn Racing at Colombo Night Races

The Inagural Colombo Night Races happening this 16th and 17th of December and IDawn Racing of IDawn Group is providing the Starting Lights and Track Control Lights for the first ever night race in Colombo!

A night motor race in Colombo was a dream of most motor sports fans in Sri Lanka, and it has finally come to fruition with Carlton Sports and Tharunyata Hetak, conducted jointly by the two governing bodies Sri Lanka Automobile Sports Association and the Federation of Motorcycle Sports in Sri Lanka along with all member racing clubs; and Red Cherry Entertainment joining to organize the event. The Colombo Night Races on the 17th December, will feature Sri Lankan drivers as well as a number of international teams who have accepted the invitation to participate. The races, on newly laid road surfaces, are expected to showcase exotics including the Lamborghini Diablo, Mosler MT900, Aston Martin and Porsche 911 Carreras, including the Subaru Impreza STi, Mitsubishi Evolution, Ford Laser, Nissan March, Honda Civic SiR and the world famous Mini Minor and Formula Ford and many other famous race cars presently run locally.

The Starter Lights and Track Control lights are made to match Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) regulations as per the directions given by Sri Lanka Automobile Sports (SLAS), and were made using technology provided by IDawn Developments sand the assembly, testing and installation done by IDawn Technologies.

According to the FIA, the colours of the Track Contorl lights correspond as follows;


  • A green flag indicates that any previous danger has been attended to. The track is now clear, and drivers may proceed at racing speed and may again overtake. When the race director so directs, this may be displayed during the parade lap or at the beginning of a practice session; in this case all marshals positions will signal green flags. Green flashing lights are used in addition in modern races.


  • At any time, a stationary light blue flag (or, as is now more common, a blue light) may be shown to a driver at the pit lane exit to warn them that cars are approaching on the track.
  • During practice, a light blue flag waved on the track notifies a driver that a faster car is about to pass them and they must move aside.
  • During a race, a light blue flag waved on the track warns the driver that they are about to be lapped by a faster car and must let it pass. A driver may incur penalties if they ignore three successive blue flags.


  • A single yellow indicates danger ahead.Drivers must slow down as they pass; no overtaking is permitted, unless it is unavoidable such as a driver retiring in the section, or a driver is lapped.

The starting lights, were specifically designed for the Colombo Night Races by IDawn Racing, with IDawn Group’s other subsidiaries IDawn Developments and IDawn Technologies offering their technology and expertise. Each light was made with high powered LEDs, for better projection, and more energy efficiency. Due to quality control issues with the Blue LED lights,we had to resort to using Blue LED strips to fulfil our delivery. These LED lights (Red, Green, Blue and Yellow) were fitted to custom designed and manufactured PCBs courtesy of IDawn Developments. The starter lights and track control lights supplied by IDawn Racing will be positioned according to the below mentioned map of track for the Colombo Night Races, and maintained/serviced during the race by IDawn Technologies Staff.

The Starting Lights and Track Control lights includes circuit boards, light fittings, light controllers, metal fitting housing frame, power supply and other components which were made  by IDawn Racing in a modular fashion to make repair, maintanence and replacement fast and easy.


Come check out the thrilling sounds speed this weekend!

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