IDawn Technologies

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Timee Electric Company


While being our main supplier for all kinds of Electrical and Cable accessories, quite a few of our esteemed clients have been recommended to us through Timee. In return for Timee’s assistance IDawn Technologies provides FOC consulting services to Timee’s clients and guides them in the proper direction as far as what materials to buy, and how to best utilize it.

Timee together with IDawn also designs and manufactures Custom Lighting Fittings. IDawn handles all the design and marketing of the specific fittings as well as the coordination of the manufacturing process, while Timee does the actual manufacture and hand handles Quality Control, and Delivery of the items.

Suntel Telecom (pvt) LTD

Being a Technology Service Provider, IDawn Technologies is constantly in need of connectivity to the outside world, and for this we have selected Suntel Telecom.  We recommend Suntel to any of our clients that do not already have an established Telecommunication Service Provider because of their cheaper rates than the competitors in the market, and also because IDawn Technologies can act as your point of contact with Suntel as well, so that there is even less hassle for you.



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