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Company Profile

The IDawn Group (IDG) was first established in May of 2004 with IDawn Technologies (IDT) as the first subsidiary company. At the time IDawn Technologies was heavily into Web Design, and Soft Solutions for companies. In 2005, IDawn Technologies moved the focus of it’s Web and Soft Solutions to North America providing quality web sites for a number of companies and individuals in Upstate New York. During this time IDawn Racing (IDR) was also incorporated and focused on reselling High Performance After Market Racing Components for Cars, All manufacturing of IDR components was done in Sri Lanka and shipped to New York where they were warehoused and distributed directly to buyers all over the Continental United States.

IDawn International was born in 2006 and it’s primary focus was to provide daily consumables to households in bulk through an online portal at cheaper rates than what consumers would find in their local grocery store. IDawn International also focused on a few products such as Cosmetics, Personal Health, Nutritional Supplements, and Energy Drinks that were manufactured by a partner company.

In late 2006 IDT moved it’s focus from Soft Services such as Web Design and Software Development to services such as House Call Computer Repairs, and Network Installations, but have since 2010, we have slowly phased back into offering Soft Services such as Web Design to Clients.

As of 2010 IDG has moved the focus of it’s operations back to Sri Lanka and we are proud to bring the expertise that we have gathered working in the United States and apply it to our local market. We are certain that we can provide our customers with unique out of the box solutions and unparalleled service before, during, and after a project.


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