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Maharaja (Human Resources Division) Network Upgrade

The Human Resources Division of The Maharaja Corporation required network upgrade in terms of network cabling and installation of a new network rack, therefore Maharaja Group IT commissioned IDawn Technologies to undertake the job/project.

The primary purpose of this upgrade was to provide network access to two locations in the HR Department. This involved the installation of a new Network Switch (as the existing ones are at full capacity) and a larger Network Rack as the current one is full, and there is no space for the proposed Network Switch.

We provided cabling for the two new network points using pure copper CAT5e cable carried above the ceiling in S-Lon Electrical Conduits. The drops from the ceiling down to the floor level were carried in Greenland (Malaysian) Casings. Both work area terminations were done with Equip (German) CAT 5e Keystones, while the termination at the Network Rack was carried with an existing Amp Patch Panel which currently has excess capacity.

A new 7U Network Rack (commissioned locally by IDawn Technologies) was installed in the same location as the existing 5U Network Rack had excess capacity to accommodate the Network Switch. The new Network Switch which was installed was a Cisco Small Business SF100-16 10/100 MBPS Unmanaged Rack Mountable Switch. 

Sothys Estheti Centre/Silvacos Pipe Music System

Sothys Estheti Centre/Silvacos Pipe Music System

Silvacos also known as the Estheti Centre situated down Kynsey Road commissioned IDawn Technologies to install a Pipe Music System.

It has been said that the state of office atmospherics have been recognized in determining the motivational levels or employees for overall performance in an office, business or organization. Sight, sound, scent & touch make up the main components of atmospherics, and corporate businesses have found that sound is an effective tool when applied to various applications. For example, good background music keeps employees more upbeat about their work, a good conferencing system makes for quality and effective interaction over distance, a good sound system in the cafeteria help the execution of recreational and team building activities effectively.

Likewise, the Estheti Centre required such atmospherics for the treatment rooms and therefore we installed a pipe music system with the existing Head Unit (Amplifier + Music Player) and added cabling for 2 new wall mount speakers in the upstairs treatment rooms. The equipment included 2 Pannoy PAW24 Wall Mounted speakers which were cabled with Bi-metal audio cable, carried inside casings or conduits (as per the application location), with independent volume controls. 

W. A. De Silva (Kandy Showroom) CCTV Surveillance

W. A. De Silva (Kandy Showroom) CCTV Surveillance

W.A. De Silva, being one of IDawn Technologies premier clients, required us to provide a CCTV Surveillance installation of their Kandy City Centre branch upon completion of the CCTV Installations done at their Majestic City showroom.

For the installation of the CCTV Surveillance System at the W.A. De Silva Kandy City Centre branch, we supplied a 4 channel professional grade Digital Video Recorder (DVR) which was stored within a secure lockable provided by IDawn Technologies. Wiring of power and video was carried out to accommodate the 2 units of standard quality cameras which comes with colour, weatherproof and night vision features and 1 unit of high quality camera also with colour, weatherproof and night vision made available. The high quality camera was installed to ensure that cash transactions being carried out were monitored.

All the cameras as well as the recorder was powered centrally while a backup power feature was installed in order for the system to continue working during a power outage. With the provision of a working internet connection and a static IP, we were also able to provide W.A. De Silva with remote monitoring features that allowed the management to view the CCTV surveillance feeds via a computer, laptop or smart phone with a working data connection. 

HVA Foods Access Control

HVA Foods Access Control

HVA Foods, which is renowned for their prestigious achievements in the Tea Industry and their brand of tea known as Heladiv commissioned IDawn Technologies to install an Access Control System for the R&D Department and Accounts Department of the offices situated in Hendala.

With respect to this installation, IDawn Technologies recommends that the Realand ZD2F20 Access Control Unit (ACU) be installed with Bolt Type locking mechanism being placed to secure the doors, which has a holding capacity of up to 250lbs. On the outside of the departments, a key switch was provided as a failsafe, while on the inside a break glass call point was installed for permanent emergency door release in case of a fire or other life threatening situation. A normal exit switch was also placed on the inside for normal operation of the door.

A separate Power Supply with a built in battery backup was put into place to power both the ACU and the Door Lock, with the Door Lock being controlled directly from the Power Supply so that a failure in the ACU will not cause the lock to release.

In addition to the ACU, Door Lock, Power Supply, and Failsafe/Emergency Equipment, as a special offer for HVA Foods, we installed and configured two essential safety and security devices Free of Charge. Firstly we put in place a Magnetic Door Sensor, and an Alarm Buzzer, where the Alarm Buzzer will normally be used as a Door Bell (which is also controlled from the ACU). In a situation where the door is opened illegally (e.g. using the failsafe switch or the emergency switch) the Alarm will sound indefinitely until the door is closed again. In a situation where the door is opened legally, but is kept open for longer than the allowed time period, the alarm will sound again until the door is closed properly.

To make the entire system comprehensive and integrated we provided HVA Foods our Time and Attendance Systems (available in Full Color, and Black and White) which can be monitored and used for report generation using the same software that is used by our ACUs. Integrating the Access Control, and the Time and Attendance Systems together can serve to give a better idea of your staff and visitor movements around the premises.

All reporting and online Data Management is contingent on the availability of a network connection near each ACU and Time and Attendance Unit, which was supplied by HVA Foods in order for the solution go online.

Cantaloupe Boutique Electrical Refurbishment

Cantaloupe Boutique Electrical Refurbishment

Early in 2012, Cantaloupe & Co, Pvt Ltd, required refurbishment to the Electrical Distribution Board (DB) with the expansion of Cantaloupe Boutique (i.e., Cantaloupe Boutique Phase Two). In this respect, IDawn Technologies was commissioned to make the necessary electrical refurbishment to the added load with all electrical compliances and standards being met. This included the addition of Isolators, MCBs, RCCBs from the Moeller brand as well as a single-phase busbar comb.

Project Name: Cantaloupe Boutique Electrical Refurbishment

Location: Cantaloupe Boutique, Galle Face Court 2

Solution: Electrical Solution